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Video Confidence Expert Carlyn Saltman has been interviewed for new book, Ready, Aim, Soar!

Video Confidence Expert Carlyn Saltman met her calling when her career as an award-winning documentary filmmaker-interviewer collided with her career as a holistic mental health counselor.

Even as a seasoned interviewer, Carlyn was awestruck by the power of a well-crafted question to shift our energy, attitudes, and choices. Witnessing this power countless times led her to study the approach to self-realization called Psychosynthesis as well as practices that cultivate curiosity and empathy.

To this training, she combined the rapport-building skills she had honed as an interviewer and the aptitude for reading body language that she’d refined as a camerawoman. In cooperation with her first clients, she developed Video Mirror Feedback®, her method that uses video feedback and mutual vulnerability to help clients leave with a winning presence and the unshakeable ability to sustain the relationships they want at home and work.

With scores of niche-defying endorsements under her belt from executives, psychologists, artists, physicians, sales pros, couples, and an auto mechanic, Carlyn focuses now on guiding business owners to the compelling presence they need before they waste time and money on making a video that even they wouldn’t watch. She delights in meeting clients from across the globe “face-to-face” online with simple video chat and recording technology.

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