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Expert Kenneth Lord has been interviewed for the new book, Ready, Aim, Soar!

Kenneth Lord is an author, speaker and consultant specializing in relational culture, change management and employee engagement.

Kenneth speaks regularly at corporate and professional meetings and conferences across the country and abroad. His speaking topics include Relational Strategy, Change Management, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, and Strategic Organizational Communication – Keynote Speaker.

He is an international management consultant, global strategist, successful businessman, involved philanthropist, and prominent speaker. As Founder and global strategist of the prestigious Strategic Business Consultants, Kenneth’s primary areas of focus are: executive & international strategy, marketing & business development, and management leadership & training. Kenneth specializes in helping companies and corporations maximize their value, efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

For more than two decades, Kenneth has inspired and motivated individuals, companies and corporations to transform the way they see others and to be an example for those with whom they influence and for that example to be one to follow as an leader so that others see the perfect leader in action and then Lead By Example for those they inspire and influence.

Through his mobilizing models, speaking engagements and philanthropic work Kenneth has empowered change in the hearts, minds and actions of thousands of individuals worldwide – everyone from Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, corporate leaders, medical professionals and entrepreneurs alike.

Kenneth Lord is one of the most inspiring, powerful and compassionate speakers in the world today.

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Expert David Steele has been interviewed for the new book, Ready, Aim, Soar!

David Steele is making a profound impact on coaches, therapists, and those seeking to make conscious life-partner choices around the world.

David is the Relationship Coaching Institute founder, and the author of the books Conscious Dating:  Finding the Love of Your Life in Today’s World, From Therapist to Coach, and Building the Million Dollar Private Practice.

He is also founder of the Mobile Media Marketing Revolution, making mobile marketing easy for Private Practice Professionals.

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NAPW 2012-13 Woman of the Year, Patty Hedrick has been interviewed for the new book, Ready, Aim, Soar!

Patty Hedrick RN, BSN, BA, CRRN, CCM, CLCP, is a leader and expert in the field of nurse coaching and nurses entrepreneurs. As an RN for 24 years, working both in and outside of the hospital setting, she has had a wide range of experience. She has had her own company for over 10 years, and has travelled internationally as a subject matter expert and offers speaking and training globally.

Patty’s passions are her family, friends, world travel, and helping nurses utilize their unique skill set to achieve their goals and to learn new skills to become entrepreneurs and earn multiple streams of income.

She recently was recognized as the 2012-13 Woman of the Year from the National Association of Professionals Women (NAPW) and has been featured in Nurse Entrepreneurs “On the Road Again. A Nurse’s Journey from Bedside to Entrepreneur” Nurse Entrepreneurs by NNBA, Inc., 2007.

Patty has served on many boards including the President of the Los Angeles Chapter of Legal Nurse Consulting and Sigma Theta Tau Leadership Succession Committee.

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Dr. Deborah Griffing has been interviewed for the new book, Ready, Aim, Soar!

C-Suite executives, health care professionals, and emerging leaders stepping into demanding new roles turn to Dr. Deborah Griffing for insights and expertise to change their game for the better! Deborah is an accomplished professional with 25 years of experience in the human development business as a certified executive coach, psychotherapist, advanced-practice nurse, college professor, and professional speaker.

Passionate about the importance of interpersonal and organizational health, Deborah’s “The Heart of Smart” presentations about emotional and social intelligence inspire corporate and association audiences to wake up to better ways to show up as people, leaders and citizens of the world.

Certified as an executive leadership coach by the highly acclaimed Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, and a Somatic Coach‚ through the Strozzi Institute in California, Dr. Griffing earned her PhD in Nursing at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois.

She is principal and founder of Cornerstone Leadership Associates LLC, a professional services firm whose focus on leadership, emotional intelligence, interpersonal savvy and collaborative team development equips leaders and teams at every level to be effective high-functioning performers and to be vital contributors in creating and sustaining healthier, trust-based organizations.

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Dr. Marianna Lead has been interviewed for the new book, Ready, Aim, Soar!

Dr. Marianna Lead is a transformational teacher, coach, and hypnotherapist. Marianna is Founder and Executive Director of Goal Imagery Institute, and a pioneer in tapping the subconscious power of the emotion and imagination for personal and professional success. A two-time president of the International Coach Federation’s award winning New York Chapter, she is currently president of the New York City chapter of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

The first expert to speak at the world-renowned Smithsonian Institute on the subjects of hypnotists and life coaching, she has designed a number of innovative courses at New York City University, including her own Goal Imagery method, in addition to teaching their Masters degree and coaching certification programs. She also co-designed the Competitive Advantage of Women in Leadership program at Columbia University.

Marianna has been an expert life coach for Fitness magazine, collaborated with Dr. Candace Pert, best-selling author of Molecules of Emotion on her Psychosomatic Wellness CD, and was the creator and host of Life Coach TV on Manhattan Cable in New York City, as well as life coach radio with Progressive Radio Network. She has been frequently featured on national TV including NBC morning news, radio, and magazines such as Fitness, Natural Health, TimeOut, and documentaries.

A sought-after speaker and active Screen Actors Guild member, Marianna co-hosted and produced “Laughter as a Life Skill” with comic Yakov Smirnoff at the American Airlines theater on Broadway.

Marianna’s range of clients include large corporations, Ernst Young, American Airlines, entrepreneurs, small business owners, entertainers, and nonprofit organizations including the Society of Women Engineers and the New York Urban League.

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