Expert Kelvin K. Wong has been interviewed for new book, Ready, Aim, Soar!

29 Mar

Kelvin K. Wong is a management consultant and executive coach. His clients include multinational corporations such as J.P. Morgan as well as corporate executives. Kelvin is the creator of PROSPER Blueprint, a simple 7-step solution to achieve career success. He coaches aspiring corporate achievers to create breakthrough career success.

Kelvin himself had a remarkably successful career in the investment banking and computer industries over 25 years. He held senior positions at major global investment banks including J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank. He was most recently Managing Director at J.P. Morgan. During his career, Kelvin closed some of the biggest transactions in the industry and was recognized as one of the most effective dealmakers. Kelvin has been a sought after mentor for the strategies that he used to create a remarkably successful career.

Kelvin’s passion to help others led to the creation of PROSPER Blueprint. He was way behind his peers in many skill areas when he started out. He struggled with numerous obstacles and made uncountable mistakes. But he was determined to succeed and applied the insights and lessons he learned to turn around his life and career. He firmly believes that if he could do it, you can too!

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